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The darling after be born begins own breath
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Before be born, fetal umbilical cord still can carry needs oxygen for oneself, give carbon dioxide side by side. After be born, the infantile need quantity to oxygen increases greatly, and must rely on oneself to obtain. It is important to breathe when him and crucial rise at a heat, umbilical beating stops very quickly. Great majority new student all can build oneself very quickly own breath after be born. If a new student after be born had not begun 1 minute to build breath, then he has a problem for certain; If be born hind 5 minutes had not begun breath, that he will because the head is anoxic and bring about cerebrum to be damaged badly, sex of head of occurrence such as breaks down wait for all sorts of sequela. The breath with first baby already fast shallow, return companion to have cough, sneeze sometimes, in order to go all lengths cleared lung, tracheal wait for respiratory tract the amniotic fluid inside and mucous.