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New student whether to have vision?
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In the past, people thinks new student without eyesight, they can sleep only, cry, suck the breast. Realise a new student now the ability from the understanding world with was born to had been had regular, they can see a thing not only when arousal and can communicate feeling with eye and adult.

New student just was born to have time of a paragraph of quiet arousal, make an appointment with 40 minutes on average. At this moment, he can look attentively at parental face, listen to them attentively to talk. If darling of parental muse newborn, can notice, the little baby below this kind of condition is very few activity, seem to go to his total energy perfusion to look and listen above. Time of condition of this kind of quiet arousal is very short, the 1 / that 1 day of time take about inside the a week after be born 10. Constant after suck the breast 1 hour is controlled see easily. Little baby often opens the eye very greatly, give off light brightly, very few activity, very quiet. They are very alert and resourceful, like to see a thing, especially the circle, thing that has bright-coloured color, be like red ball or the picture that have bright and comparative streak, still like to see person face, the eye is special can attract a new student the target that look attentively at. When the new student when looking attentively at you, the head that is like you to a side inch, but the face that still facing him, at this moment he is met inch eye, turn subsequently head follow the direction that you move. The square that remove water is outward, he still can see your face from perpendicular direction follow.

Thought in the past new student one of reasons that won't see are not to know a new life myopic characteristic. They see the best distance of the thing make an appointment with 20 centimeters, when be equivalent to a mother holding darling in the arms to nurse, the distance between maternal face and baby face.

New student not only can look, and the thing that still can remember seeing. If the head of a bed hangs one toy, the time that begins him to look is long, the time that sees later shortens gradually. If change euqally new thing, can show interest afresh again.

More interesting is, new student the change that still can identify maternal face to go up. If the mother takes muzzle, little baby sees her face often, sucked the breast to also decrease, show unrest, uneasy appearance.

Seize the opportunity of little baby arousal please, inspect in earnest look with him in, mutual communication and promotional mother child sacred fire.