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New student how does weight grow?
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The little baby of a full moon, weight is compared at least 1000 grams of 800 ~ add when be born. However, be in what just was born in the firty few days in, their weight does not increase not only, compare the weight when be born to drop instead, mostly in 3 ~ 4 climate amount to a nadir, till 7 ~ influence ability 10 days,restore to come the weight when be born. Appear because,this kind of circumstance is new student sleep a few days to eat less more at first, capacity suction milk-like liquid is insufficient, and lung and skin evaporate however a large number of moisture, of relieve oneself excrete many also, accordingly weight decreases. Weight regains very slow new life, constant growth is bad after be not being meant. The reason that attentive parents needs to analyse weight not to grow only tries to improve is. Be inadequacy of breast no a parent for example? Is feed reasonable? Is water fed twice to be denied less between the grandma? Is wrap up too severe overheat of as a result and perspire too much? If because fall ill and weight does not grow, answer seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment.